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SCOOTER SCOTT DAY :: Do Something Awesome on Friday, May 1, 2015

Scooter Scott is the director of Christ Central Ministries' Nehemiah Project, which currently helps more than 1000 families in Lexington County and beyond help themselves to a better life. Most of these families would be considered "the least among us".

Scooter was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the esophagus, liver and lungs. One of Scooter's former students created a page for him on Facebook to show her appreciation for what he contributed to her life and the lives of countless others.

She also thought it would be great if we all celebrated Scooter's life with a special day for him. Although he was deeply moved and very much appreciated the idea, Scooter didn't want a day to celebrate him. True to form, he said if we were going to do something special, "let's do it for each other." He thought if we each would get up and do something awesome - something outside each of our comfort zones - showing love for one another. Ideas like carrying someone's groceries for them, mowing a neighbor's lawn, welcoming someone new to the neighborhood. And as a special blessing to Scooter, if afterwards, you would go to the Facebook page and let him know about your act of kindness. What you did, for whom, what was their reaction and how it made you feel. It will uplift Scooter and it will bring blessings to you and the recipient of your kindness! Again the Facebook page link! Scooter's prayer is that Scooter Scott Day will serve as a catalyst for even greater good in our community. What a guy!

Click here to learn more about Scooter Scott Day!